Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nappy Cakes

I have had a lovely crafty weekend, I managed some child free time and spent it treating myself to some new crafty bits and pieces.

On friday I made a nappy cake for my friends baby shower, it went down a treat and I plan to make some more of these for my craft stall in november. I have a friend due at the start of may, so she will be getting one too. I also have a request for a twin cake which shall be fun to make.

I had a jewellery order through my facebook group recently for a pearl necklace. I tried out many different styles and she has now confirmed which she would like and has also ordered some earrings to match.

I have spent this evening making cards with my new treats. An old school friend is celebrating the birth of their little girl who arrived yesterday so their card is made and ready to send!

My other half is on the late shift this week, so I plan to spend my evenings making bits and pieces for my craft stall.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Productive Day

I have had quite a productive day today, I spent some time with my mum which was nice. I went swimming with a friend to help our bid to tone our 'Mummy tummies' up and I also made a few pieces of jewellery.

I made a necklace using jade gemstone chips spaced out along the thread. I also made three pendants, I have been experimenting with twisting the wire to make a spiral.

After our swimming session, I went shopping for a few crafty bits and pieces and picked up a few items which will go well into hampers I am going to make. I picked up a gardeners journal in the sale for a gardening hamper I aim to make. I also picked up bits and pieces to make a nappy cake for a friends baby shower on Saturday.

Jewellery photos to follow, no natural light to photograph them!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

It was my birthday last week, I had a lovely but very busy day, followed by a very busy weekend in london, with my wonderful other half. So crafting time has been very limited during the last week or so.

I recieved some lovely gifts for my birthday, some lovely beads, embellishments, ribbon etc. So hopefully I can put them to use soon. I want to decorate some note books to give as gifts. I spent alot of time on gifts for people last year, I made alot of themed hampers, which went down well. This year I aim to make presents where I can, I feel it is more thoughtful than just buying the first thing you see in a shop. Also it will help me save money, which will go towards our wedding at the end of the year.

I have been grabbing a few minutes peace to research local craft events. I have found a large one not far from here. An old school friend informed me about it, so I am waiting to get some more information on it.

I really could do with making a necklace or something now, but I am so tired. We have a new addition to the family, a kitten. She is beautiful, but insists on waking me up early in the morning for some food! Or like this morning, playing with some ribbon right next to my face.

So I shall leave you all now and get some very much needed rest x

Sunday, 15 February 2009

16th Feb 2009 - My first blog!

Welcome to my blog, I have been thinking about writing a blog for awhile, especially with our wedding being at the end of the year and more recently I have started making jewellery and other crafts again.

I try and get a bit of crafting in each day, mainly for my sanity! I am also one of those people who can't start something and leave it half finished very often.
Sometimes my little helper likes to join in so things take longer than I would like! My daughter has her own bead set, card making set, paints etc all for herself, but guess what. Mummy's look prettier and somewhat more appealing!

I didn't get any done tonight as we spent the day at Puxton Park as its half term. We had a great time, meeting up with a friend and her baby. I could have spent a small fortune in the farm shop.
So for now I will leave you with a terrible photo of the jewellery I made yesterday for our wedding. I salvaged the beads from the bag that came with my wedding dress. The other half called me 'cheap' I call it being 'thrifty'. I need to make some adjustments to the necklace and swap beads around but I am happy with how it came out. Hopefully a better photo will show in more detail the beads that I have used.