Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Not Enough Hours in the Day!

It was my birthday last week, I had a lovely but very busy day, followed by a very busy weekend in london, with my wonderful other half. So crafting time has been very limited during the last week or so.

I recieved some lovely gifts for my birthday, some lovely beads, embellishments, ribbon etc. So hopefully I can put them to use soon. I want to decorate some note books to give as gifts. I spent alot of time on gifts for people last year, I made alot of themed hampers, which went down well. This year I aim to make presents where I can, I feel it is more thoughtful than just buying the first thing you see in a shop. Also it will help me save money, which will go towards our wedding at the end of the year.

I have been grabbing a few minutes peace to research local craft events. I have found a large one not far from here. An old school friend informed me about it, so I am waiting to get some more information on it.

I really could do with making a necklace or something now, but I am so tired. We have a new addition to the family, a kitten. She is beautiful, but insists on waking me up early in the morning for some food! Or like this morning, playing with some ribbon right next to my face.

So I shall leave you all now and get some very much needed rest x

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